Custody and Visitation

Connecticut Child Custody and Visitation Rights Lawyer

Parents have rights when it comes to seeing their children and having them spend time either full-time or part-time. Too often, child custody and visitation rights issues result in children being used as pawns. Accusations are made, sides are taken, and relationships between child and parent are irreparably damaged. At the law firm of John C. Valliere, Attorney at Law, in Uncasville, Connecticut, I represent clients and their rights using my knowledge of state child custody and visitation laws.

Best Interests of the Child

In the State of Connecticut, courts consider the best interests of the child when it comes to deciding child custody and visitation. If the child is old enough, and shows the maturity to make the decision, they can express their desire as to which parent with which they wish to reside.  The court can also take into consideration the reasons for the marriage dissolution and decide whether those matters are relevant.

Flexibility in Visitation Orders

When visitation schedules are established for mothers, fathers, or even grandparents, they are subject to modification. For example, if a parent moves out of state, the schedule may become unworkable without extensive travel by the other parent. I can petition the court to review the situation and try to establish a new schedule that will work for all parties, particularly for the children.

Your Best Interests

At the law firm of John C. Valliere, Attorney at Law, I keep in mind the effect of litigation on your children while representing you. Divorce can be traumatic even without the parents prolonging the difficulty with a non-cooperative attitude after custody has been decided. It is important to focus on finding a solution that fits your situation instead of fighting over legal terms like joint or shared custody, physical custody, or sole custody.

While mediation is often the best way to reach a successful resolution, when litigation is needed, I can defend your interest in court. Contact me to speak with an attorney who understands child custody and visitation law.