Cost Effective Divorce

Connecticut Divorce Lawyer Offering Flat-Fee Uncontested Divorce Services

Some couples are able to recognize that their marriage isn’t working anymore and should be dissolved. However, although they are able to work out the terms of who will get what and who will take care of the kids, they need help with the legal logistics involved to finalize the actual divorce.

At the law firm of John C. Valliere, Attorney at Law, I offer a flat-fee option for these types of uncontested divorce actions. I understand that not every divorce action is complicated, adversarial and requires litigation. I am here to help you continue down a smooth path to a new beginning by answering your questions and taking care of the basic legal steps. Contact me today to schedule a free consultation if you have an uncontested divorce action that only needs to be finalized legally.

What Is Included in a Flat-Fee Divorce Option?

This low cost divorce option that I offer is for couples who are in agreement about all the terms of their divorce and are looking to avoid litigation and arbitration. For an affordable $1095, I will help you formalize all the terms you have agreed to by drafting an agreement as well as all the necessary legal paperwork and divorce forms that need to be filed with the court. This fee does not include filing fees, marshal fees to serve papers or appraisals that may be necessary.

As your divorce lawyer, I will be available to you to answer any questions you have about the process. I will also look over the terms you have agreed to and advise you as to whether I believe the terms are in your best interest. As part of this divorce fee, I can also assist you with limited financial discovery to help you arrive at terms. If an issue does arise and you cannot agree on a specific issue, I also offer divorce mediation services to help resolve the issue, which is another cost-effective legal option.

Finally, I will appear with you at the mandatory hearing before the court where your divorce will be granted, a divorce decree will be issued and entered into the record.

Other Cost-Efficient Legal Services

In addition to this uncontested divorce option, I also offer the following legal services for a flat-fee as well that may arise from your divorce:

  • Amending a will or advanced directive for a flat-fee to reflect new beneficiaries and omitting your former spouse
  • Quitclaim deed execution if you need to transfer interest or ownership to a former spouse of the marital home or any other joint real-estate holding.

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To discuss any of the flat-fee services I offer related to a divorce action, please email me or call 860-442-1294 to schedule a free consultation today.