Collaborative Law

Collaborative Law Attorney in New London County, Connecticut

Not all divorce actions have to be contentious and adversarial. Sometimes, it is a benefit to everyone involved to try and work together to come to an agreement on issues related to a divorce action. One of the methods of alternative dispute resolution that can help facilitate this type of civil negotiation is known in Connecticut as collaborative law.

At the law firm of John C. Valliere, I believe in this process when it comes to finding a way to amicably negotiate the terms of a divorce. This process can help save clients’ time, money, stress as well as help preserve relationships, which can be especially vital when children are involved. If you would like to learn more about the collaborative law process, I encourage you to contact me today to schedule a free consultation today.

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

When parties opt to use collaborative divorce, each side retains a lawyer and comes to the negotiating table with an open mind. The purpose of this arena is to foster an open discussion and to avoid litigation. The ultimate goal is to work out a settlement that encompasses any or all aspects of a divorce action, including:

As your divorce lawyer, I will represent your best interests and goals during these discussions when negotiating on your behalf with regards to all these issues. At these meetings, we can bring in experts to verify valuations or speak about other issues and make recommendations that may not be allowed in court. Collaborative law offers a more open forum that can allow each side to present evidence, viewpoints and options that may not be allowed in court.

The Benefits of the Collaborative Law Process

Additionally, by working together with the opposing party, this method is usually more cost-efficient than litigation because it is less time-consuming. This type of negotiation can also create an atmosphere where people are more apt to compromise, thus increasing your chances of increasing your share in the settlement. I will by your side to make sure no legal mistakes are made, that you receive a fair and equitable share and that every detail important to you is dealt with completely.

This process is also a beneficial alternative to divorce court if there are children involved because school teachers and other witnesses can be brought in to give recommendations that can help you figure out a fair custody arrangement. Also, since the collaborative law process is a calmer, more open method, it can translate into a better relationship between the parents, helping them become more flexible and keep the peace for the children’s sake.

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