Child Support

Connecticut Lawyer Representing Clients in Child Support

Questions about child support can quickly turn a clear-cut divorce into an emotionally draining custody battle. When you are dealing with your children’s futures, you want a family law attorney to make sure you and your children’s best interests are protected.

I started the law firm of John C. Valliere, Attorney at Law, specifically to help families make important decisions about their futures. The majority of my legal practice focuses on family law and those issues that impact families and their legal rights. I have an understanding of the laws and regulations that will have an effect on your future.

Experience in Child Support

I have represented clients with child support concerns. Each case is unique, but the quality of my approach has remained consistent. I try to return clients’ calls within 24 hours and provide flexible appointments. This has helped me effectively support clients in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Calculating child support
  • Collecting child support
  • Modifying the amount of child support
  • Pursuing court hearings for unpaid child support

How Is Child Support Determined?

As a family law attorney, I have a background in representing clients in child support matters. I can clearly explain the factors the court looks at when it determines how much each party will pay for child support, including day care costs, medical expenses and educational costs.

The court also looks at how much money each parent makes. As your attorney, I will work closely with you to account for all of your expenses. Our goal is to find a child support agreement that works for both sides. If modifications are needed after the support amount is finalized, however, I can represent you.

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